Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Win A Pin

Ladies and Gents!  Check out our fun new pin designs for this year's ride! On the left is the ride pin, which will be given free to all participants.  

The other pins are a sampling of this year's prizes.  Prize buttons are 3" (Though they are shown as the same size as the 1" participant pin in the photo.)

Prize pins will be given for the following categories:
Marvelous Mustache     (Not just for gents! Ladies, get crafting!)
Noble Steed     (Best bike)
Snappy Sue     (Best Ladies Costume)
Dapper Dan     (Best Gents Costume)
Teacup Race    (Don't spill the tea out of your cup while riding the course!)
Slow Race     (Be the slowest to finish the race without falling over!) 

See you on May 19th!

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