Wednesday, August 24, 2011


a coarse wool cloth in a variety of weaves and colors, either hand-spun and handwoven in Scotland or reproduced, often by machine, elsewhere.

Here's some inspiration for the upcoming Rochester Tweed Ride. A few pictures from the event last year:

Question: Where on earth do I find tweed clothing?

Answer: A thrift store. Any thrift store. Ever. Seriously. There are tons of tweed items out there to be had. For ladies, for men, for kids, even! Or if you have more green in your pockets and are itching for a place to spend it, might I suggest Etsy?

Tip: If you are a wiry lad and cannot find tweed pants in your size try heading to the ladies section. There are tons of tweed ladies pants and so what if the zipper opens from the opposite side? Nobody is going to know and you'll come away with a pair of pants that actually fit you!

Also, please take a moment to browse the links that you will find to the right under "Friends of the Tweed Ride". These are awesome people, local and other businesses who will be participating in the event in some fashion.

Happy tweed hunting!

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